I call you this because when I use the letter I used for you it would be too obvious

I don’t like to be but I am an obvious person
It comes with being honest and vulnerable 24/7

I love too feel the feeling and get it over with
If it breaks me, then I’ll stitch it up, clumsily, needing help but being too afraid to ask, then asking for help and taking back the ask

I am a mess

I was a mess for you,
Maybe I still am
I am open to the possibility that part of me still adore you and every inch of your ebony skin
Your gentle, kind face
Your subtle but profoundly powerful voice

I lust for you sometimes
Maybe most times, I have lost count

I could go a week or two without thinking of you
Life passes us by
But when the thought of you, and the love we have made to each other in my head returns,

It feels like you were never gone

You saw that,
I know you did, you are a master with details
We never did get to be intimate with our bodies but you made love to my mind and soul like nothing I have ever seen

Maybe it’s just in you to make everything disappear when I am with you,

But I long distance is good for me and you,
You were never within my reach anyways
That perfect person who obviously has a person who calls him theirs
A brood he can call heirs

But still you came to me,
Started a fire,
And boy does it scorch at a lonely 2p.m
After lunch, at work, when everyone’s giddy about something and I want to be giddy about you but we don’t even talk anymore.

Still I want you to know,
I cared, more than I should have but like you said, I am stubborn

I loved, a little less than I would have wanted but it wasn’t wasted,
None of my love ever is

I don’t hate you,
I am incapable

You don’t have a home here,
Not with me and mine
Hard to say, and even harder to you, but it’s a reality we cannot deny

You do not have judgement here,
Not from me or mine
So whenever you feel like running for a minute or nine,
I am here, to guide you back to yours.

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